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CPA Design Land and Building Surveys

Land and Building Surveys

Whether you’re intending to submit a planning application or simply need an accurate measured survey, CPA Design will carry out the survey and drawing with the highest accuracy available. Depending on the building size, surveys can take as little as 2 hours and when possible, drawings can be completed and sent to you within a matter of days. Ready for any use and across a multitude of disciplines such as Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, as well as sketching on any of your own draft designs. CPA Design uses the latest in laser technology to efficiently record all details with minimal intrusion, measurements of up to 200m can be provided with a touch of a button. We have used Leica products for over two decades, as they have continued to provide an exemplary levels of reliability and accuracy. Our units have multiple mathematical, trigonometric and algebraic functions that permit measurements unreachable by conventional methods.

The level of detail is chosen by the client, or based on our experience and a brief of the requirements.
  • Floor to Ceiling Heights
  • Floor to Floor Heights (typically for staircase design)
  • Window and Door Heights (for the creation of internal or external elevations)
  • Eaves/Ridge Heights (as above)
  • Radiator/Heating locations
  • Electrical outlets, fuseboxes, junctions, etc. (drawings incorporate current symbols)
  • Fittings such as Kitchen Units

We carry Public Liability to a value of £1,000,000 to insure against property damage, however prospective clients can be assured that our methods employ non invasive instruments, such as lasers to conduct our surveys.
CPA 	Design hand sketch of survey

Architectural Design

Personal Perspective defines exceptional Architectural design, we are committed to producing the very best solution for our client’s, whether your project is the residential or commercial sector. Our focus is aimed at the needs of the client and where necessary, gaining Planning Permission to ensure a smooth transition through the pre-construction phase. We encourage forward thinking with every design and offer an element of future proofing where possible.
Great architectural design can only be accomplished with experience and knowledge of the limitless possibilities available with modern building materials. Our concepts utilise these while respecting historical methods of construction, as every site and individual is unique.


There is a wide range of applications for 3D visualisations, they can help both home owners and professional builders/developers alike.

Some proposals can be difficult to interpret, when only 2 dimensional images are viewed on paper or computer screen and it's for this reason that CPA Design offers visualisations. By creating your proposed build, whether it’s a small extension, a New Build or even a small estate, it can be created in a virtual space before one brick is laid upon the site. There is no need to struggle with imagining how the proposed build will look, we can create still images at any angle and even a video 'walk/fly around' if desired.

We have found that even construction professionals find 3D visuals a great resource for identify potential construction issues, in addition it allows all those involved in a project to understand the principle concept with ease.

CPA Design primarily uses a combination of AutoCAD and SketchUp for most projects, or 3D Max for larger or more involved schemes. Using these programmes, any viewing angle can be created, that may be from a nearby public road, outside or within the building.
CPA Design Planning Application Form

Planning Applications

The planning process need not be stressful provided the correct amount of guidance is provided. CPA Design assures a professional service without suppressing individual design concepts, we are here to realise your ideas and requirements.

The first stage is preferably an on-site meeting for an informal walk around, discussing any and all points to ensure your intentions are completely understood. A sketch will either be completed on-site or sent shortly afterwards to illustrate for the first time, your design. It's at this point we discuss any components that may cause an issue with your planning application, prior to formal drawings being prepared. Most applications are straightforward and provided you appreciate how the new structure will impact the street scene or context of your site, there will be few issues.

Once a design has been agreed in principle and we have been formally appointed, a full measured survey is carried out and from this information the existing floor plans and elevations are created. These serve as a base to draft the proposals and if the client prefers, visualisations can be created so as to grasp the concept in a virtual space. This provides the opportunity to make minor revisions should there be a change of heart pre-construction and avoid spiralling costs once works have begun on-site.
An important note: We have over 20 years experience submitting applications to multiple Borough Councils including Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Malling, as well as many within inner and outer London. During 2015-2021 we have observed a noticeable rise in application delays as a direct result of Planning Department funding and staffing issues. The planning system was once open to dialogue, whether the proposal was large or small in nature; it appears now that the opportunity for discussion is only reserved for the larger schemes - those that permit Councils to achieve internal New Dwelling targets. For this reason we must make potential clients aware of these unavoidable delays, a Householder application that should receive determination within 8 weeks, can on occasion take up to 24 weeks. This is wholly unacceptable and severely disrupts the construction industry, we as Planning Agents can only pass on feedback to the relevant Councils and hope that improvements are made as soon as financially possible.
CPA Design Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulations

We create Building Regulation Drawings for a variety of property alterations and New Builds, however at present we exclusively provide this service to existing clients only. Rest assured we will be extending this service to new clients in the near future.
CPA Design Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

There are almost limitless applications of technical drawings, from garden design to large scale event planning. With these plans, accuracy and ease of revision provide a cost effective method of preparing for any layout proposal. Any size can be accommodated from small residential gardens to multi-acre sites, in the latter cases a costly site survey can be avoided by using an Ordnance Survey Base (Available through CPA Design).

With instant Ordnance Survey access, CPA Design create drawings to any required scale, on any sheet size from A4 (297x210mm) to A0 (1188x840mm).
Structural Design By CPA Design
Structural Design By CPA Design

Building Regulations

Having Structural Calculations is a key component to any proposal, where significant loads need to be transferred safely to the ground. We work closely with local Professional Engineers who are fully qualified, but more importantly have a vast wealth of experience.

Other Services

Ordnance Survey Maps

As a complimentary service to our clients, we can acquire Ordnance Survey Maps, these are used to create Location & Site Plans; a requirement of most Planning Applications. In addition, we have access to historic Mapping and Aerial Photography, the latter is often used as evidence for proposed buildings and alterations. All of this information can be attained within minutes and not days, keeping us to any agreed upon schedule for time sensitive projects.

Infrared Photography and Video

During 2018 we invested in an Infrared camera for use with electrical works, locating hot services and structure location. This technology can potentially diagnose damp and other building failures that are apparent through temperature variations.

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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Architectural and Construction Services to Homeowners and Industry Professionals. See the 'Our Clients' page for further information. Until May 2019 we traded as CPA Planning Design.
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