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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a number of the frequently asked questions about the General procedure, the Planning Process and CPA Design.

About The Procedure
Feel free to call us or use the contact form with your needs and we will assess the potential fee and set out a strategy.
First we must ascertain whether Planning Permission is needed, then if the works are of a substantial nature we can provide Building Regulations drawings that include Structural Calculations and Design. We can also put forward several local Building Contractors that we have experience of, for the purposes of gaining several quotes for comparison and review.
This does vary depending on the property size, typically a detached 4 bedroom house will take between 4-5 hours.

About CPA Design
We generally work within the South East, United Kingdom. However our working relationship has extended to all areas of the UK and France. If the site is within a reasonable distance of our office, we can normally visit free of charge.
Measured Surveys (Land and Building), Residential and Commercial design, Planning Submission and Building Regulation applications.
Yes we are. We can assist with the Planning Application process to ensure it's correctly submitted.
This can vary, it's typically between 2-4 weeks.
This is typically between 2-4 weeks, however this can vary significantly depending on the type of project, these vary in complexity from a proposed Porch on a Listed Building, to entire New Dwellings, and they require different resources to complete an application.

About the Planning Process
There are some forms of building alteration that require approval from the Local Authority that the site resides within.
There are some forms of building alteration that can be undertaken without first contacting the Local Authority that the site resides within.
There is no requirement to do this, however if there is any doubt, you would be advised to either contact your local Authority and submit a Pre-Planning Application or there are specific application types that can aid with this.
This can vary, though it's typically around 8 weeks from the Planning Application submission.
Small changes to approved schemes are between £35-50, Householder applications are between £130-240 and New Build or Commercial applications can be approximately £500.
These are becoming more relevant as we head into the future and Local Authority budgets are reduced. When a proposed scheme has some risk associated with it, especially where Planning Policy is a grey area, the Local Authority are asked for advice in the form of a Pre-Planning Application. This type of application does not have a refused/approved format, it is merely a request for the Local Authorities' opinion concerning a proposal.

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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Architectural and Construction Services to Homeowners and Industry Professionals. See the 'Our Clients' page for further information. Until May 2019 we traded as CPA Planning Design.
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