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The Construction Industry has seen incredible advances in the methods and instrumentation used, both during the pre-construction phases as well as equipment used on-site during construction. For surveying purposes we have used equipment manufactured by Leica for over two decades as they have a proven track record to be reliable and most importantly, accurate. In June of 2023 we purchased a new Leica Disto S910 Pro kit that includes a handheld Laser Distance Measurer. This device offers the best accuracy in its class and when the site is very large, we typically use Total Stations.

In order to produce high quality Planning and Construction drawings, a reliable workstation is of the ultimate necessity. We take the precaution of having 2 workstations per user, to reduce down time to a minimum and when one machine fails, the secondary is brought up to speed within minutes.

Workstations are ideal for storing files while they are actively being used, however there is a risk of corruption or a loss of data during an event, such as a power cut. For this reason we use redundant servers that ensure no loss occurs in any event, TrueNAS is highly respected and implemented at CPA Design. Although we have our own off-site backup servers, we take an extra precaution by implementing Backblaze B2 services. For the most reasonable levels of security, data are encrypted prior to being sent to Backblaze, meaning that if they had a breach, no client information could be accessed.

Face to face has historically been the most effective method of conveying information, but once away from the site this can restrict complex interactions. To resolve this we employ a number of technologies when a return visit and meeting may not be practical, or when the site is a good distance from our office. We are ready and available to use YouTube Live Streams, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp and Signal.


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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Architectural and Construction Services to Homeowners and Industry Professionals. See the 'Our Clients' page for further information. Until May 2019 we traded as CPA Planning Design.
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